February 24, 2017

America already has extreme vetting

February 17, 2017

#BackInTheU_S_of_A #ExtremeVetting

I made a video:

I sort of couldn’t help myself. When I lived in Denmark I volunteered at an asylum center. I mentored a 17-year-old Afghan refugee. Since then, I’ve had friends and colleagues get jobs in international refugee policy. Seen them, one by one, become frustrated at the stinginess, the injustice, the cruelty masquerading as bureaucracy. It’s impossible for me to talk or write about this in my own voice without getting worked up, so I tried using someone else’s.

I grew up in a super religious family. Church on Sundays, hands clasped before dinner, Bible camp every summer. I remember talking to one of my parents’ friends when I was maybe 13 or 14. She worked at a homeless shelter, she provided food and clothes and beds all winter, a big brick building in the middle of a neighborhood I had lived my whole life avoiding.

I was in my Ayn Rand phase at the time, and I…

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Quality control committee: looking for volunteer

January 15, 2017

Jan 2017, Please Help to remove really bad #OA journals, a.k.a. Predatory Journals in Econometrics, Economics and Statistics from the #RePEc collection of Research Papers in Economics by joining the Quality Commission.

The RePEc Blog

The RePEc community is looking for a volunteer to head a committee on quality control for journals admitted to be indexed in RePEc. Here is some background.

There is a growing number of journal-like outlets that pretend to be normal open access journals. But in reality, all they do is take authors’ money, and put the content up on a web site. They do no quality  control. They have no editorial board that does any work. In fact, many times people on the board do not even know that they are on it.

Traditionally, RePEc has not done any quality control prior to listing additional journals. We believe that quality can best be assessed by users of the RePEc dataset. However, we have been criticized for helping these deceitful outlets gain a mantle of respectability through their RePEc listing. Therefore we take this step forward. We expect quality control also…

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Sorry Pia, dat doe ik mijn nabestaanden niet aan op de ic: ‘Geen bezwaar’ tegen de kilheid?

September 14, 2016

Twee patiënten op de IC. De eerste een 53-jarige vrouw die plots onder de douche onwel is geworden en vlak daarna comateus op de badkamervloer werd gevonden door haar 15-jarige zoon. Toen de ambula…

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Sep 2016 Stats & Society Book Release!

September 6, 2016

Oh my god, people, today’s the day! I’m practically bursting with excitement and anxiety. I feel like throwing up all the time, but in a good way. I want to go into every bookstore I walk by, find my book, and throw up all over it. That would be so nice, right? Also, I wanted […]

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End Broken Windows Policing

July 15, 2016

Great lessons in conditional probability to be learned from these data in Criminology


Yesterday I learned about Campaign Zero, a grassroots plan to end police violence. The first step in their plan is to end Broken Windows policing. Here’s their argument:

A decades-long focus on policing minor crimes and activities – a practice called Broken Windows policing – has led to the criminalization and over-policing of communities of color and excessive force in otherwise harmless situations. In 2014, police killed at least 287people who were involved in minor offenses and harmless activities like sleeping in parks, possessing drugs, looking “suspicious” or having a mental health crisis. These activities are often symptoms of underlying issues of drug addiction, homelessness, and mental illness which should be treated by healthcare professionals and social workers rather than the police.

Having studied the effects of uneven policing myself, especially how it pertains to the data byproduct of “police events,” I could not agree more.

There was a…

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WWW: De vijver van Endegeest

July 11, 2016

Wat voor levensweg zal ik gaan leiden? Voor het wandelen bij het water in de winter (www) hoef je niet altijd zo ver te gaan. Een bescheiden watertje dichtbij is soms genoeg. Ik doe m’n best …

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Soprano on sabbatical… What on earth does she mean?

June 8, 2016

The truth about career-curveballs and vocal health.

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Minor-attracted figures in history

April 24, 2016

Where is Anton Bruckner when you need him?

Paraphilia Research

This is a bibliography of notables figures, living or dead, who evinced an attraction to people under 16 (with a focus on under 13). I am including all credible suggestions of attraction; it’s often difficult to determine a person’s sexuality with certainty, especially when they have every reason to conceal it. The most debatable entries are identified with a question mark. Their actions ranges from blameless to indefensible; I’ve included them all without moral consideration.

This is a work in progress. More entries will be added, and some will be expanded. The table of contents is alphabetical, but the actual order is arbitrary because I wanted to put my favorite examples first. Apart from very brief biographical sketches, all information I include will relate to minor attraction. Suggestions are welcome.

Table of Contents


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20+ Years of the CIDE Summer School of Econometrics

November 8, 2015

Nov 2015: 20 years of Italian #SummerSchools in #Econometrics show our fortunes in PanEuropean and TransAtlantic Networking.

Carlo Bianchi and 20 Years of CIDE Summer School

In the last twenty (or more) years Prof. Carlo Bianchi has been the organizer and the Director of the Italian CIDE Summer School of Econometrics. Every year, he would invite four professors from the best Universities all around the globe and he would host them either in Bagni di Lucca, in Bertinoro or in Perugia, doing all he could do to make their staying nice, enjoyable and unforgettable. This was a unique moment for graduate students to meet professors whose name was only heard or read in econometric books or scientific articles. In those two weeks, students could learn the most updated econometric models and techniques and interact with very famous professors in the field. For some of these students, the Summer School would soon become a gateway to a visiting period in a University abroad, if not a Master, if not a Ph.D.

My name is Juri Marcucci and I have…

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