RePEc on Twitter and Econometric Links

My Social Media Life started in 1995. The World Conference of the Econometric Society was held in Tokyo, not long after terrorist gas attacks terrified many potential participants. This seemed a good moment to start linking up the worldwide Econometrics community on the Internet, as snail mail was still the preferred mode of peer-to-peer communication. Electronic Exchange of Research Papers in Econom(etr)ics was still in its infancy. Fortunately, a crowd sourced online archive of Research Papers in Economics (and Econometrics), based on similar prepublishing arXives in other sciences was soon established. I was lucky enough to meet the Economist and Librarian founders (WoPEc, HoPEc, IDEAS,…) face to face in Maastricht soon after. I have promoted econometric links with RePEc archives ever since, with generous support of the Royal Economic Society.

Fast forward to 2018. RePEc is thriving under the management of IDEAS founder @CZimm_economist. It took a while to convince him of the importance of twitter accounts for RePEc’s popularity, but each author can now add his Twitter address to his RePEc profile and @repec_org is up and running. I quit updating @Rep_Ec and confine myself to my personal accounts @econlinks and @NESG2013. Neither of these is sponsored by a learned society, university, nor by the Federal Reserve. For now, the Econometric Links of the Econometrics journal web site has disappeared into the Internet Archives, where even Google can have trouble finding it.


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